Our Approach

We develop an investment thesis for substantial value creation before acquiring each portfolio company.  We are a long-term oriented investor, with an average ownership period of approximately five years.

Our Collaborative Investment Process

Our approach to continually creating value is to consistently support our management teams in accelerating growth, executing add-on and strategic acquisitions and improving operational capabilities.   

Develop an investment thesis and value creation strategy, identifying key opportunities in collaboration with management

Determine the defined, actionable steps to execute the investment thesis and build the company, while identifying and mitigating risks

Work closely, collaboratively and transparently as partners with management to execute the shared vision

We are Partners for Growth

We work closely with management teams of portfolio companies and take an active role in providing strategic and operational guidance through:

Communicating frequently Communicating frequently and transparently with the management teams at quarterly Board meetings and other frequent communication

Maintaining Long Term Financial Commitment Remaining highly supportive of our companies following initial investment, including providing capital for organic growth initiatives, acquisitions and investment in operations

Bringing capital markets expertise Bringing capital markets and mergers and acquisitions expertise to find, evaluate, structure and facilitate transactions

Utilizing our extensive network Utilizing our extensive network of Sterling resources and contacts to support our management teams